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"Talking of time" 6-сынып
Talking of time

The aims of the lesson :
• To teach pupils to work creatively and introduce with new grammar, statements according to the theme, to practice pupils in monological and dialogical speech;
• To improve pronunciation and to teach using Past Continuous Tense in oral speech ,to develop pupils’ habits in listening ,reading and writing;
• To teach to know more about everything ,to widen their scope and to share their opinions, to help them to love and respect their native and foreign language.

The procedure of the lesson:
1. Organization moment.
Marking of the absentees;
2. Warm up. ( to think of words with the letters of the word " yesterday " )

3. Checking up the homework. ( answering the questions according to the previous lesson )
Was Dmitry at John’s party yesterday?
Were there many people at Tom’s party?
Where was Carol yesterday?
What was the food like at Tom’s party?
What was the food like at John’s party?
Was John’s party good or boring?

4. Phonetic drill exercises.
Were you walking your funny cat?
Were you using the internet?
Were you watching a film with friends?
I don’t understand.
I wasn’t walking my funny cat.
And I wasn’t using the internet.
And I wasn’t watching a boring film.
I was doing a very exciting thing.

5. Speech drill exercises.
( answer the questions using Past Indefinite Tense)
What did you do yesterday?
Where did you go last Sunday?
When did you build your house? and etc.

6. New material.
T: The theme of our lesson is ” Talking of time ". Write down the theme on your copy-books.
And the grammar of our lesson is Past Continuous Tense.

He We
Was She Were You
It They

7. Doing exercises.
Exercise-1. Describe the picture using Past Continuous.

Exercise –2. Choose the correct form of the verb.
1) They _________ TV at 7 o’clock yesterday.
a) was watching
b) were watching
c) were watched
2) What ________ they ________ at 10 o’clock last Saturday?
a) are……doing
b) was…..doing
c) were….doing

3) The boys …………football yesterday.
a) were playing
b) was playing
c) played
4) I _______a picture at 2 o’clock yesterday .
a) was drawing
b) drew
c) were drawing
5) ____you___ at 11 o’clock last Monday?
a) did…..sleeping
b) was…… sleeping
c) were……sleeping

Exercise – 3. Working with a book. (Practise using clocks.)
Yesterday at Dmitry was writing a letter .

Omar was playing computer games .

8. Conclusion. Home task. Marks.
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