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Looking for the sun
[ Скачать с сервера (1.03Mb) ] 12.08.2014, 16:18

Южно- Казахстанская область, город Кентау
Школа-лицей № 16 им. Ю. А. Гагарина
Учитель английского языка
Дарибаева Гульнара Култасовна

Theme: Looking for the sun.
6 form
Aims: To practise in reading and speaking on the theme “Weather”. To consolidate the words on the oral theme.
To develop listening , writing, reading, thinking abilities.
To broaden the pupils’ mind. To bring up attention, diligence, tidiness in writing.
Visual aids: an interactive board, pictures, slides, cards.

I. Preliminary moment : -Good afternoon, children! How are you?
-We are fine, thank you . And you?
- I’m OK. Sit down, please. Let’s begin our lesson.
Today the theme of the lesson is “Looking for the sun!” You can see the theme of our lesson on the screen (Slide №1). Our aim today is to read and speak about weather, to describe it and to speak about Robert’s journey. As for the grammar, we’ll revise the Past Simple. Is everything clear?
Well, we begin with the forms of the verbs.
II. Revision of the Past form of regular and irregular verbs: (Slide №2).
Come _______ _________
Skate _______ _________
Go _______ _________
Open your copy-books, write down the date and start writing the verbs. We’ll control the 2 nd form of the verbs at the blackboard. Who wants to begin?
(Pupils write the verbs on the board and in their copy -books.)
III. Grammar work.
Thank you, pupils. The next task is working with the cards with the tasks of different levels. ( Cards of different colours- yellow, blue, red). (Slide №3)
The task of the yellow card is to write the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple (It is the easiest task).
The task of the blue card is to put questions to the sentences ( special and general questions). (This is the task of the middle level).
The most difficult task is in the red card. It is to make up a situation using the given verbs in the Past Simple.
IV. Revision of the words on the theme “Weather”. (Slide № 4)
T: Children, let’s revise the words of the theme “Weather”. We’ll describe the weather in each season. One pupil asks questions and the other answers them using the pictures and slides.
V.Working with the cards (Level 1, 2, 3.) (Slide №5).
Card A. ( a yellow card) –Find the words from the text (p.93-94) describing the weather in places that Robert visited.
Card B. (a blue card) – Make up the sentences with the words given in the card .
Card C. (a red card) –Write 6 sentences on the basis of the text about Robert’s journey.
VI. Reading and speaking. Reading the dialogue about Robert’s journey (Ex. 6 p. 95) and discussing it. (Ex. 7 p. 95).
VII. Giving marks.
T: Good, pupils. Thank you. You’ve done all the tasks. I thank you for your work and activity.
VIII. Home task. Ex.11 p. 96 (in written form). (Ex. 10 p. 96 orally).

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