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ABC party
The theme: The ABC – PARTY.
The aim: To review the ABC:
To improve speaking, listening:
To keep the interest in English language.
Visual aids: pictures, cards, the letters ABC, tape recorder.

Teacher: Good morning dear teachers and parents! You are welcome!
Today the pupils of the 5-th form want to show you the ABC party.
Children Let’s greet our teachers and parents.

In chorus:
Good morning, good morning
Good morning to you
Good morning, good morning
We are glad to see you!

Teacher : Children do you love learning English?
Pupils: Yes, we do!
In chorus:
We can read, we can write
We can speak English too
We love learning English
And what about you?

Teacher: Do you know the ABC well?
Pupils: Yes, we do!
1-st pupil:
I am a letter A
A is for apple
One apple for me,
And one for you,
One for him
And for her, too

2-nd pupil:
I am a letter B
B is for Bird
Birds like to sing
They start to sing
When it’s spring

3-rd pupil:
I am a letter C
C is for Cat
My cat is grey
He likes to run
And he likes to play.

4-th pupil:
I am a letter D
D is for Dog and
For Doggy,
I have a dog
His name is Bobby

5-th pupils:
I am a letter E
E is for English
At school we learn Russian
And English too.
Do you like English?

In chorus: Yes, we do!

6-th pupil:
I am a letter F
F is for Five
And also for Four
Four little kittens
Are on the floor.

7-th pupil:
I am a letter G
G is for Girl
The girl is six
She likes to play
With little chicks

8-th pupil:
I am a letter H
H is for Hat
Ann has a hat
I have a cap

9-th pupil:
I am a letter I
I is for I
I am а boy
What have I?
I have a toy.

10-th pupil:
I am a letter J
J is for Jane and also for Gene
Jane is a girl
The boy is Gene

11-th pupil:
I am a letter K
K is for Kite
Kate has a kite
Her kite is big and white

12-th pupil:
I am a letter L
L is for Letters
Do you know them all?

In chorus: Yes, we do.

13-th pupil:
I am a letter M
M is for May
And for May Day
For March
And for Mother’s Day.

14-th pupil:
I am a letter N
N is for Nelly
And also for Nick.
They are in the garden
Playing with Dick

15-th pupil:
I am a letter O
O is for One
One plus two is three
Three little birds
Are in the tree

16-th pupil:
I am a letter P
P is for pen
Have you a pen?
“Yes, I have two.”
Says little Ben.

17-th pupil:
I am a letter Q
Q is for Questions:
How do you do?
How are you?
How old are you?

18-th pupil:
I am a letter R
R is for Roses
They are white and red
“Give me this rose, please”
Says little Fred.

19-th pupil:
I a letter S
S is for Spring
And for Summer, too
When it is warm
And the sky is blue

20-th pupil:
I am a letter T
T is for Tie
We are pioneers
We have red ties

21-st pupil:
I am a letter U
U is for Us and
Also in a bus
Let’s go with us by bus

22-nd pupil:
I am a letter V
V is in five and also in seven
It is in twelve and eleven

23-rd pupil:
I am a letter W
W is for Willy and
Also for Why.
Why do you cry, Willy?
Why, Willy why?

24-th pupil:
I am a letter X
X is in six
Let’s count to six!
One, two, three, four, five, six.

25-th pupil:
I am a letter Y
Y is for Yard
Where do children play?
They play in the yard
Every day.

26-th pupil:
I am a letter Z
Z is for the Zoo
Let’s go to the Zoo
I like to go to the Zoo
And you?
Teacher: Can you sing a song?
In chorus: Yes, we can sing the song ABC. Now let’s, sing a song about the ABC
Q R S T U V W ²
X Y Z and you will see
How I know the ABC

Teacher: Very well pupils…. Let’s listen a song: “ What is your name?”
Boys: What is your name?
What is your name?
Now tell me, please
What is your name?
Girls: My name is Jannet.
Boys: Where are you from?
Where are you from
Now tell me please
Where are you from?
Girls: We are from Aktau.
Boys: How old are you?
How old are you?
Now tell me please
How old are you?
Teacher: Our children wants to show you a concert.
Teacher: The next show is a play
“ Three little kittens” characters: Mother cat is Alina
First kitten is Diana
Second kitten is Ashat
Third kitten is Alpamys
Teacher: A dance “Toibastar” will be danced Takenova Nazira.
Teacher: We have one more song for you. Which named : Elim menin. Will be sung by the pupil: Bakieva Alina.
Teacher: The next play “ Little cat and little mouse” characters:
Little cat is Fatima
Little mouse is Nurbek
Teacher: The next dance will be danced Jagilova Alina
Teacher: I want to check up your English Language. There are some questions here. You should to answer the question. Take the question.
1. Which class are you in?
2. What season is it now?
3. Name the winter monthes?
4. What is your address?
5. What is your telephone number?
6. What is your favourite sport?
7. What is your favourite food?
8. What does your father do?
9. What is your mother like?
10. Which subject do you like?
11. How many brothers have you got?
12. Have you got a sister?
Teacher: Next task is to play a mime game.
Dog, cat, teacher, singer, dancer, pilot, snake, doll, clean, pick up.
Let’s finish our party with a happy ABC song
A B C D E Stand up and look at me
F G H I J We play football everyday
K L M N O I like a cake oh oh
P Q R S T Hey, people listen to me
U V W X Y Z The alphabet is in my head
Dear teachers and parents this is the end of our party. Thank you for your attention.
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