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«Ecological problems of Kazakhstan» (С)

1. Бижанова Гүлжамал Нүрсейітқызы
2. ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
3. №101 орта мектеп
4. Қызылорда облысы, Қызылорда қаласы
5. «Ecological problems of Kazakhstan» тақырыбына сабақ жоспары

Тақырыбы: «Ecological problems of Kazakhstan»
Educational: 1) to train pupils to use the Future Tenses in their speech;
2) to teach pupils to speak about ecology, ecological problems of Kazakhstan.
Developing: to develop pupils’ speaking habits and to teach to make conclusion.
I. The type of lesson: Competition lesson
II. Methods of the lesson: group teaching
III. Visual aids: interactive board, grammar charts, pictures
The procedure of the lesson:
1) Organization moment;
2) Phonetic drill exercises:
New words:
3) Speech drill exercises:
- What do these new words mean?
- It is about Ecology?
- Yes, our new theme is about Ecology problems in Kazakhstan.
IV. New material of the lesson:
- Look at the ecology from video (3 min)
- What did you see from TV?
- We saw green grass, forest, animals, birds?
- Yes, we must clean our environment.
- Earth is our planet, our home.

If man wants to live long, healthy life, he must be in right diet, have good manner, not to smoke, not to use alcohol and clean environment.
We must take care of our nature and enjoy the beauty of nature.
What has helped our environment?
Planting trees
Growing grass
Clean environment
Not to take oil a lot
What has hurt our environment?
Burning coal
Trains, cars
Watching TV
To through trash in the ocean, rivers…
Cutting trees
Killing birds and animals
What do we need to watch television? Electricity
What does electricity come from? Burning coal

What ecological problems do you know?
- Balkash and Aral have left;
- Baikonur. Every year a lot of rockets are flown from Baikonur;
- People killed many birds and animals;
- Factories throw their rubbish into the rivers, lakes, oceans and many fish were killed;
- Trees are cut.
4) Drill work:
The leader of English.
I. Baiga
1) What is the name of our planet?
2) What is the name of our Motherland?
3) How many people live in Kazakhstan?
4) What is the way to live long and happy life?
5) What pollutions of the environment do you know?
6) What is the air pollution?
7) What is the water pollution?
8) What is the land pollution?
9) What has helped our environment?
10) What has hurt our environment?
11) How is formed Future Simple?
12) How is formed Future Progressive?
13) How is formed Future Perfect?
14) “I shall clean my teeth tomorrow” what tense is it?
15) “He will have painted the whole day tomorrow? What tense is it?
II. Poliglot
1) _________ жағалағанның өзегі талмас,
Өзен – река – river
2) Туған ___________ тұғырың.
Жер – земля – earth
3) Сайрағанның бәрі ___________ емес.
Құс – птица – bird
4) Жел болмаса ___________ басы қозғалмайды.
Шөп – трава – grass
5) ___________ сұрауы бар.
Су – вода – water
6) Бірінші байлық - ________
Денсаулық – здоровье – health
7) ________ оттан да ыстық.
Отан – Родина – Motherland
III. Magnificent seven
(1 card)
2O1 – She (peel) ______ the potatoes before they (come) _____ home.
2O2 – Answer the questions:
What things need electricity?
2O3 – Answer the question:
What can’t we live without?
3O1 – Translate:
Болашақта Қызылорда қаласы әдемі болады.
3O2 – Card 2
Make up the sentence:
Dancing, singing, be, and, they, will, tomorrow, at, o’clock, five.
3O3 – Card 3
My sister and I _______ go to the cinema tomorrow.
4O1 – Answer the question:
Why do you think Kazakhstan is an ecological region?
4O2 – Answer the question:
What will you do clean the environment?
4O3 – Give negative form:
I shall go to the park next Sunday.
IV. Speaker
Listen to the text
1) Match A with B
2) Say what is True and what is False
3) Continue the text
4) Find verbs and give 3 forms
V. Giving marks
VI. The end of the lesson

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