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Museums in Kazakhstan (С)

1. Бижанова Гүлжамал Нүрсейітқызы
2. ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі
3. №101 орта мектеп
4. Қызылорда облысы, Қызылорда қаласы
5. «Museums in Kazakhstan» тақырыбына сабақ жоспары

I. Theme: Museums in Kazakhstan
II. The aims: 1) to develop pupil’s habits in speaking, reading and writing
2) talking about the museums in Kazakhstan
3) to train pupils to speak in Past Perfect Continuous
III. The type of lesson: new lesson
IV. The method of the lesson: Question – answer
V. Visual aids: Cards, pictures, slides
The procedure of the lesson
1. Organization moment.
a) Greetings, checking up the attendance, asking the day and date.
b) Warm up: asking the questions.
1) What famous Museums do you know?
2) Have you ever gone to the museum?
3) What collections do you remember?
2. New lesson: Museums in Kazakhstan
Now, pupils, open your books at page 88, exercise II. First listen to the text, then you must read yourselves.
Answer the questions:
1) What can you say about the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan?
2) What is Kasteev’s Museum famous for?
3) In what museum can you see a great collection of Kazakh musical instruments?
4) What other Museums in Kazakhstan do you know?
Now, pupils, look at the slides.
1-slide: Central State Museum
It was built in 1986. The richest collection of our Republic are in Central State Museum.
2-slide: Kasteyev Museum of Fine Arts
The Museum has 14 halls. Here you can see Kazakh fine arts of 1930-1997years, Russian fine arts of the 17th century, Europian fine arts of the 16th century.
3. Grammar material:
The Past Perfect Continuous Tense had been + Ving
For some time, for an hour, since 3 o’clock, when he came
We had been meeting every day for a year
They had been playing computer games when Mother arrives.
4. Drill work:
Ex: 1, p82. Complete the sentences
Ex:2,p88. Choose the proper tense: Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous
5. Reading.
Text: Museums
Read the text and answer the questions
6. Giving homework:
Write about the theatre in Kyzylorda.
7. The end.

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